• Transaction date:

    May 2018

  • Client:


Ockto is the leading SaaS platform in the Netherlands for consumers to collect and share financial information with a bank, mortgage lender or other financial service provider or intermediary when selecting and taking out a financial product.

Ockto is a fintech company that makes it easier for consumers and businesses to safely collect and share personal data when applying for financial products. A lot of data is required when applying for a mortgage, taking out insurance or making a financial planning. Ockto makes it much easier and faster for a consumer to collect financial data or to gain insight into their entire financial situation. With the help of the Ockto app, data is collected from various government sites such as De Belastingdienst, Mijn UWV, Mijn Overheid and Mijn Pensioenoverzicht. Ockto shows this information in the app where consumers check it themselves and send the data to the third party via a secure online connection.

The Digital Impact Fund of ABN AMRO (ABN DIF) has taken a minority interest in Ockto. With this investment ABN AMRO broadens its cooperation with Ockto and makes expansion capital available so that Ockto can grow faster, further professionalise and, in the future, also scale up internationally. ABN DIF is its corporate venture capital fund specifically for fintechs. ABN AMRO uses this fund for strategic investments in innovative start- and scale-ups that specialise in digitalisation of financial products and services.