Florin Finance is an active member of the international network Infinita M&A Alliance

Infinita M&A Alliance is an international network of top-tier advisors focused on the mid-market segment.  The 100 advisors affiliated with the Infinita Alliance, representing 14 offices in 13 countries, provide a full  coverage of the largest economies and markets along the Euro-Pound-Dollar-Yen axis. The Infinita advisors  share our passion for regional knowledge with a global perspective, operates a comprehensive local network, and delivers absolute M&A excellence.

The international network, covering M&A markets in which 75% of the global deal flow in the mid-market  segment is realised, provides Florin Finance with access to the specific and selective knowledge of local  professionals in all relevant countries. This enables us to easily contact potential international buyers,  sellers, and investors.

We combine a global perspective with an understanding of local challenges and opportunities to further grow our track record that consists of 35% cross-border M&A deals.

More information on our network: infinita-alliance.com

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